1- The Affidavit on Rs.100/- stamp paper duly signed by the Chairman/President/Secretary of the duly constituted Management of the Institution in the case of Self Finance Institutions and Principal/HOD/HOO/Registrar in the case of Govt. Institutions/University Departments in the prescribed format available at The TEIs are advised to complete the process of submitting Affidavits and its Appendix in the following manner:-

(i) The Affidavit and the Appendixes will be filled in online.
(ii) The same shall be downloaded and a print out taken. The uploaded Affidavit should be printed on Rs.100/- stamp paper and its Appendixes shall be printed on separate white sheets.
(iii) The Affidavit and print out so taken shall be attested by a Notary Public/ADM/SDM or any First Class Magistrate of the locality in which the institution is situated.
(iv) The complete Affidavit duly attested with enclosed relevant papers/appendixes in support of the information furnished in the Affidavit shall be submitted to the Member Secretary, NCTE, Hans Bhawan, Wing -II, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110002 by Registered Post AD so as to reach the NCTE by 15.11.2016.

2- For any assistance/query, the TEIs may mail their query to
3- The signatory of Affidavit shall be Chairman/President/Secretary of the duly Constituted Management Committee only in the case of Self Financed Institutions and the Principal or HOD in the case of Govt. Institutions/University Departments.
4- The Institution concerned shall be required to take note of the following provisions of the NCTE Regulations, 2014:-

(a) Clause 7(14) of the NCTE Regulation, 2014 provides as under:-

(i) All the applicant institution shall launch their own website with hyperlink to National Council for Teacher Education and corresponding Regional Office website soon after the receipt of the letter of intent from the Regional Committee, as provided under sub-regulation (9) covering, inter alia, the details of the institution, its location, name of the course applied for with intake, availability of physical infrastructure such as land, building, office, classrooms, and other facilities or amenities, instructional facilities such as laboratory, library etc. and the particulars of their proposed teaching faculty with photograph and the particulars of their proposed teaching faculty with photograph and non-teaching staff etc. with photographs, permanent account number or unique identity number of the teacher educators, whenever issued by National Council for Teacher Education, for information of all concerned. The information with regard to the following shall also be made available on the website:-.
a) Sanctioned programmes along with annual intake in the institution;
b) Name of faculty and staff in full as mentioned in school certificate along with their qualifications, scale of pay and photograph;
c) Name of faculty members who left or joined during the last quarter;
d) Names of students admitted during the current session along with qualification, percentage of marks in the qualifying examination and in the entrance test, if any, date of admission, etc.;
e) Fee charged from students;
f) Available infrastructural facilities;
g) Facilities added during the last quarter;
h) Number of books in the library, journals subscribed to and additions, if any, in the last quarter;
(i) The institution shall be free to post additional relevant information, if it so desires.
(ii) Any false or incomplete information on website shall render the institution liable for withdrawal of recognition.
The institution has adhered to the mandatory disclosure in the prescribed format and displayed upto date information on its official website as per clause 8(14)

(b) Clause 2(b) of the NCTE Regulation, 2014 provides as under:-

“Composite institution” means a duly recognized higher education institution offering undergraduate or postgraduate programmes of study in the field of liberal arts or humanities or social sciences or sciences or commerce or mathematics, as the case may be, at the time of applying for recognition of teacher education programmes, or an institution offering multiple teacher education programmes” and as per clause 8 of the NCTE Regulation, 2014 “New teacher education institution shall be located in composite institutions and the existing teacher education institutions shall continue to function as stand-alone institutions; and gradually move towards becoming composite institutions.”
Also as per clause 8 of the NCTE Regulations captioned “Conditions for grant of recognition”, the Clause 8(1) provides that “New Teacher Education Institutions shall be located in composite institutions and the existing teacher education institutions shall continue to function as stand-alone institutions and gradually move towards becoming composite institutions.

(c) Clause 8(5) of the NCTE Regulation, 2014 provides as under:-

“The institution or society shall furnish an affidavit on Rs. 100/- stamp paper duly attested, by Oath Commissioner or Notary Public stating the precise location of the land (Khasra number, village, district, state, etc.), the total area in possession and the permission of the competent authority to use the land for educational purpose and mode of possession, i.e., ownership of lease. In case of Government institutions, the said affidavit shall be furnished by the Principal or the Head of the institution or any other higher authority. The affidavit shall be accompanied with the certified copy of land ownership or lease documents issued by the registering authority or civil authority, permission of the competent authority to use the land for educational purpose (and approved building plan) as per provision contained in sub-regulation(4) of the Regulation5.”

(d) Clause 8(4) of the NCTE Regulation, 2014 provides as under:-

(i) No institution shall be granted recognition under these regulations unless the institution or society sponsoring the institution is in possession of required land on the date of application. The land free from all encumbrances could be either on ownership basis or on lease from Government or Government institutions for a period of not less than thirty years. In case where under relevant State or Union territory laws the maximum permissible lease period is less than thirty years, the State Government or Union territory administration law shall prevail and in any case no building shall be taken on lease for running any teacher training programme.
(ii) The society sponsoring the institution shall have to ensure that proposed teacher education institution has well demarcated land area as specified by the norms.
(iii) (iii) The society sponsoring the institution shall be required to transfer and vest the title of the land and building in the name of the institution within a period of six months from the date of issue of formal recognition order under sub-regulation (16) of regulations 7. However, in case, the society fails to do so due to local laws or rules or bye-laws, it shall intimate in writing with documentary evidence of its inability to do so. The Regional office shall keep this information on record and place it before the Regional Committee for its approval.”

(i) In case information required in any of the items does not pertain to Regulations in force at the time of grant of recognition for a particular programme then this fact should be clearly mentioned under the concerned item after mentioning “Not Applicable (N.A.)
(ii) The information required to be filled in the Affidavit pertains to two different categories of the institutions, namely institutions which were granted recognition prior to notification of the NCTE Regulations, 2014 and other category of institutions granted recognition under the NCTE Regulations 2014.
(iii) In case of multiple courses being run by the Institution, the institution is required to submit self attested copies of the Affidavits earlier submitted by it at the time of seeking recognition alongwith the application.
(iv) List of enclosures to be uploaded followed by attaching them with the hardcopy of the Affidavit to be submitted to the NCTE.